Meet Katherine

The Founder

Meet katherine

Katherine's Favorite Monograms

Monogram 10

The details of this one make me swoon.

Monogram 106

I created this one with my sister in mind... so naturally, it makes me smile. 

Monogram 2

I love how surprisingly versatile this monogram is. Color can completely change its look. Keep it to one thread color and it can look very sophisticated. For a more playful look or to match your tablescape, play with thread colors!

Monogram 108

This is one I usually have to show people, as it's easy to overlook. Colors really make or break this font (in my opinion), but there are endless ways to make it really beautiful. It is so unique!

Font 13

I love using this on my daughters' clothing. It looks so sweet, youthful and simple. It pairs well with motifs or is nice on its own. 

Katherine's Favorite Products

Large Roadie (Multiple Colors)
Linen Tissue Box Cover | White
Roll Neck Sweater
Cocktail Napkin Stack | Classic Hemstitch
Boat and Tote Bag | Large